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Nigerian Olympian Seun ADIGUN

Awarded FICS-ATLANTA 1996 Olympian Scholarship

Atlanta, Georgia/USA - Pasadena, Texas/USA (May 4, 2016)

Today, the FICS-ATLANTA 1996 Olympian Scholarship Program awarded Nigerian Olympian Seun ADIGUN a 2 year full academic scholarship to pursue at Texas Chiropractic College (TCC) in Pasadena (Texas) a doctorate in chiropractic medicine.

On May 9th, the FICS-ATLANTA 1996 Olympian Scholarship Program received the note below from Seun ADIGUN.

Dear Members FICS-ATLANTA 1996 Olympian Scholarship Program Board:

Words cannot express how truly grateful I am to be the first ever recipient of the FICS-Atlanta 1996 Olympic Scholarship at Texas Chiropractic College. For the past two years, TCC has not only given me an opportunity to grow as a future Doctor of Chiropractic but also as an elite level athlete. The faculty and staff in this institution have both supported and challenged me in ways that I could not have self-propagated. They constantly encourage me to remember the importance of self-determination, dedication, discipline, and courage – all characteristics that will not only uplift my athletic endeavors but also mold me into an outstanding Chiropractor and healthcare provider.

My ultimate goal upon completion of the MS-DC Dual Degree Program at Texas Chiropractic College is to help create an environment of optimal growth and health for other Olympic and elite level athletes. Using the many relationships that I have fostered both nationally and internationally through my past and present athletic endeavors, I plan to promote the ideals of “peace and reconciliation through sports and education” as described in the ATLANTA 1996 mission. My goal is to help revolutionize sports medicine and provide an avenue for athletes to truly become great. My focus will target injury prevention and rehabilitation along with specialized training in the best atmosphere. My hope is to continue the efforts of FICS-ATLANTA 1996 and collaborate with the incredible minds of the world - not only to raise awareness of the chiropractic profession but to also to promote athletic excellence.

Thank you for selecting me as an ambassador of the chiropractic profession and for blessing me with the opportunity to continue to grow as a student and as a 2018 Winter Olympic Games hopeful.

Kindest regards,