We wish to thank the following entities for their contributions (financial, IKD, ITD, VIK), making it possible for the ATLANTA DITC to be at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games:

: Atlanta, USA

Richard Butcher : Washington DC, USA

DeKalb Development Authority : Decatur, USA

DeKalb County Government : Decatur, USA

CMX, Inc. : Washington DC, USA

Forging New Tomorrow, Inc. (FNT) : Atlanta, USA

Gary Koenig : Miami, USA

Ozell Stankus Architects Associates, Inc. : Atlanta, USA

The Steve R. Allen Foundation : Atlanta, USA

World Olympians Association (WOA) : Miami, USA

The above contributions amount to $833,602.30. Without our partnership with the World Olympians Association (WOA), the ATLANTA DITC Living Legacy of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games could never have showcased at the Beijing 2008 Olympians Reunion Center (ORC) at the Prince Jun Wang Fu Palace (again our deepest appreciation and thanks to WOA President Dick Fosbury and ORC Director Rob Stull) 6 years of accomplishments, promoted the ATLANTA DITC to the Olympic family, to all the IOC Members, IFs, NOCs and NGBs representatives in Beijing as a premiere institution where Olympians, future Olympians and athletes can train in preparation for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games and the LONDON 2012 Olympic Games, hosted the very successful ATLANTA LEGACY NIGHT, and conducted the handover to the City of BEIJING and BOCOG of the 3rd Olympic painting “A Bridge of Friendship from Atlanta to Beijing” by Olympic artist Steve R. ALLEN.    

Thank you, merci, muchas gracias, spasibo,
obrigado obrigado,
asante sana, shukran, xièxie!