Despite a busy schedule, and sometimes 4 invitations for simultaneous functions, the ATLANTA DITC hosted at the Prince Jun Wang Fu Palace a most successful ATLANTA LEGACY NIGHT. On July 26, 2008, 198 invitations were sent out, and on August 14, 2008, we had 126 guests attend our BEIJING 2008 ATLANTA LEGACY NIGHT.  While we really needed the rain to cool off the air, that was the only glitch in our program forcing us to switch at the last minute venues, turning off all the spot lights on the stage, as well as all the lights all around the Palace that when turned on create that enchanted “emperial” feel with all glowing red lampoons and lights lining up the roofs of the Palace. 

We were honored to welcome six IOC Members to our first ever ATLANTA LEGACY NIGHT.  Guests included Mr. Mario VASQUEZ RANA (Mexico) IOC Executive Member, President of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) and President of the IOC OLYMPIC Solidarity Program; HE Mohamed MZALI (former Prime Minister of Tunisia); General Lassana PALENFO (Ivory Coast), President of the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) and President of the National Olympic Committee of Cote d'Ivoire; Sir Craig REEDIE (UK); Mr. Melitón SÁNCHEZ RIVAS (Panama); and HRH Tunku IMRAN (Malaysia).

In addition to the six IOC Members, several International Federations and 14 NOCs were represented, as well as Francis GABET Director of the OLYMPIC Museum, three Olympic Bid Cities were also present Chicago 2016, Madrid 2016 and Tokyo 2016, as well representatives from NBC, the AJC, and ATR.



Prince Jun Wang Pu Palace

7:00 PM - 7:44 PM

7:00 – 17:15
Master of Ceremony
“Good Evening:  Ladies, Gentlemen, tonight’s awards winners, Olympic Family Members, and Honorable Heads of State.  My name is Richard BUTCHER and I have been given the privilege to guide you through our short program tonight!  I am the Chief of Staff to U.S. Congresswoman, and former Ambassador, Diane WATSON.  I have consulted with the Atlanta DeKalb International Training Center on Governmental and International Relations since 1996. We are here, on behalf of the ATLANTA DITC, Atlanta’s “living legacy” to the 1996 Olympic Games, to present the 1st Olympic ADITC Peace and Reconciliation through Sport and Education Awards. To get the program rolling – I would like to call up the head of the ATLANTA DITC’s most gracious host – The World Olympian Association President Mr. Dick FOSBURY.” 

7:15 – 17:16

Introduction to the PARSE Awards
Dr. Marc Daniel GUTEKUNST
“Peace & Reconciliation Through Sports and Education: The PARSE AWARD recognizes people who have accomplished, and still strive to bring, peace and reconciliation through sport and education. This is definitely not a lifetime achievement award.  PARSE recognition is meant to be a commendation of the highest order that not only rewards past achievement, but also inspires, motivates, and challenges the recipient to reach deeper into the concepts that are embodied by the ultimate ideals of Peace, Education, and the Olympic Movement. Therefore, we have created the PARSE award directly from the ATLANTA DITC Mission Statement: Peace & Reconciliation Through Sports and Education!”  

Awards Ceremony
Peace & Reconciliation Through Sports and Education Prize

Olympic Painter hands over to Dr. Marc Daniel GUTELKUNST the Prize to be given

“Congratulations to the 1st Olympic ATLANTA DITC Peace and Reconciliation through Sports and Education Awards.  Our last award of the night is the “Legacy” award.  This award is given to an Olympic Athlete that has left a ‘legacy” on the Olympic Games just as Atlanta has created a legacy in the International Training Center – the first of it’s kind in the world.”

To present the award: Dr. Marc Daniel GUTEKUNST 

AFRICA                  General Lassana PALENFO (Ivory Coast / Côte d'Ivoire)
                                IOC Member (2000-);
                                Elected as President of a NOC member of the following IOC Commissions:
                                Women and Sport (2002-), Olympic Solidarity (2006-),
                                International Relations (2008-).
                                President (2005-), Asociation of National Olympic Committees 
                                of Africa (ANOCA);
                                Vice-President of the International Judo Federation (IJF) (1990-); 
                                President, African Judo Union (1990);
                                President (1999-), Comité National Olympique de Côte d'Ivoire;
                                Vice-President (1990-1999), Comité National Olympique de Côte d'Ivoire.
AMERICAS            Mr. Mario VÁZQUEZ RAÑA (Mexico)
                               IOC Member (1991-);
                               Member of the IOC Executive Board as representative of NOCs (2000-);
                               Vice-Chairman of the Olympic Solidarity Commission (1979-1996); 
                               Deputy Chairman (1997-2001) then Chairman (2002-);
                               Member of the following Commissions: Olympic Movement (1990-1999); 
                               Preparation of the XII Olympic Congress (1990-1994);
                               Apartheid and Olympism (1990-1992);
                               “IOC 2000” (Executive Committee, 1999);
                               Marketing (2000), IOC 2000 Reform Follow-up (2002):
                               President of the Mexican Shooting Federation (1969-1974); 
                               President of the American Shooting Confederation (1973-1979);
Vice-President of the Mexican Sports Confederation (1973-1976); 
                               Member of the Mexican NOC (1972-) then President (1974-2001); 
                               President of the Pan-American Games Organisation Committee (1975); 
                               President of the Pan-American Sports Organisation (PASO) (1975-); 
                               Chair of the International Olympic Solidarity Commission for the
                               American Continent (1975-);
                               President, Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) (1979-).

                       HRH Prince Feisal AL HUSSEIN (Jordan)                               
                                (IOC Member Sir Craig REEDIE will receive the PARSE Prize on behalf of the
                                Prince who had to leave Beijing for a few days including August 14, 2008)
                                President, Jordan Olympic Committee
                                Founder & President, Generations for Peace 

            Dean GREENAWAY (British Virgin Islands)
                                Secretary General, British Virgin Islands Olympic Committee

                  Joel BOUZOU (France)
                                Founder & President, Peace adn Sport
                                Secretary General, Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM)
                                Modern Pentathlon International Federation

                   Essar GABRIEL (Lebanon/France)
                               Director, Youth Olympic Games (YOG)
                               The 1st Youth Olympic Games will be held in 2010 in Singapore
                               Director General, 2003 Paris World Athletics Championships 

Legacy Award
Dr. Marc Daniel GUTEKUNST unveils the painting 

“What a fitting award!  Let’s have another round of applause for Bob Beamon.  Speaking of legacies, Dr. GUTEKUNST has 2 brief announcements regarding the future of the ATLANTA DITC.” 

7:35- 7:36
Announcement of the April 4, 2009
Dr. Marc Daniel GUTEKUNST
“The ATLANTA DITC is proud to announce the 1st WALK for PEACE in the AMERICAS to take place in Atlanta on April 4, 2009.  The WALK for PEACE is the brainchild of Nobel Peace Laureate Betty WILLIAMS of Ireland.  The WALK for PEACE will be organized by the ATLANTA DITC in partnership with JAGUAR Sports.  The WALK for PEACE has been endorsed by 10 other Nobel Peace Laureates who all sit on the World Centers of Compassion for Children International’s advisory board.  WCCCI is an organization founded by Dr. Betty WILLIAMS.”

ATLANTA DITC Sports Complex
Dr. Marc Daniel GUTEKUNST
“To better serve the Olympic Community, American and International Athletes that can train while pursuing their education in metro Atlanta, the ATLANTA DITC has partnered with the PHOENIX ATLANTA PARTNERS a developer, CMX Sports Engineers, and OZELL STANKUS Associates an architecture firm.  The driving economic force of the ATLANTA DITC Sports Complex will be popular sports practiced by young Americans, i.e. soccer, baseball, and swimming.  In addition we are planning to have an athletics complex with a seating capacity of 15,000, 2 in-door facilities for swimming and all other Olympic sports offered by the ATLANTA DITC, a hotel, a conference center, plus retail and office space.  The developer’s target to break ground is August 2009.”

Introduction of Other ATLANTA DITC Board Members and Staff
“The ATLANTA DITC has been growing since it’s conception in 1996 and it’s birth in 2002.  I would like to recognize the ATLANTA DITC Board Members and Staff that are with us tonight.”

Steve                     ALLEN
Charlie                    BATTLE
Liston                     BOCHETTE
Amadou                 DIA BA
Josh                       HENSON
Murray                   SANFORD
Rob                        STULL  

“Now, before I close our program, I need to announce that the music you hear during dinner was commissioned by the ATLANTA DITC.  The “Buckhead Youth Orchestra and Atlanta Virtuosi Chorale” were recorded during their ATLANTA DITC European Tour. 

On behalf of the Atlanta DeKalb International Training Center – a heartfelt “Thank You” to the World Olympian Association, the IOC, and the City of Beijing as hosts - huge appreciation to all that have braved the rain in attendance - and our sincere gratitude to all the Honored guests. Dinner and Drinks are served!” 

August 15, 2008

Distinguen a don Mario Vázquez Raña
Premio Paz y Reconciliación a través del Deporte y la Educación

by Mauricio Morales Bermúdez

August 15, 2008
Reconocimineto a Don Mario Vázquez Raña

August 18, 2008
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Atlanta in the (imperial) house!
by Jennifer BRETT