Daily Online Journal for Tunis 2005 - Sept 3, 2005

Training Centers for African Athletes Symposium

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Program of Symposium
Keynote Speech transcripts: Younes CHETALI, Hamad KALKABA Malboum, Lassana PALENFO
IAAF Presentation
DITC Presentation

Hassène IKHLEF and Alain SMAIL

Hassène IKHLEF reading ANOCA's President, General Lassana PALENFO's keynote speech

Keynote speech by Hamad KALKABA Malboum, President, African Athletics Confederation (AAC)

Over 81 people attended the Symposium

Audience during the Symposium

(Left to right) Vivian GUNGARAM (Mauritius), AAC Vice President, David OKEYO (Kenya), AAC Council Member

Panel of Speakers at the Symposium

Amadou DIA BA, Director, IAAF Dakar Regional Development Center, DITC and WOA Executive Board Member

Dr. Saida AYACHI, Medical Director, TUNIS 2005

General Younès CHETALI answering questions of the audience

Dr. Marc Daniel GUTEKUNST answering questions on the DITC from the audience

Colonel Ahmed ENAN, Director General, Egyptian National Olympic Committee (EOC), DITC Ambassador, North Africa & Middle East


Dr. Marc Daniel GUTEKUNST holding the DITC
gift for General Younès CHETALI

General Younès CHETALI presenting his DITC gift to the audience (Painting with an original piece of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic track)

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