As a requirement of International Law, we are providing all necessary information related to the directives, conduct, and management of the ATLANTA 1996 and all it's affiliates.
Athlete Letter of Agreement


A. The Basic Principle of Conduct

Conduct yourself in a manner that you bring credit and honor to yourself, your National Governing Body, your Olympic Committee, and your country.

B. Specific Principles of Conduct

  1. Your behavior must always be up to the highest standards of good sportsmanship. General conduct at the ATLANTA 1996 requires respectfulness of ATLANTA 1996 Staff and Athletes.
  2. Athletes must attend all scheduled practices and competitions. The Coach must approve any exceptions to this rule. If the Coach is unavailable, then approval may be sought from the Coordinator or Sports Director.
  3. Athletes are required to pursue all physical-conditioning activities as specified unless medically excused.
  4. Athletes who require medical attention, physiotherapy or any special conditioning or rehabilitation program must do so without exception. Schedules will be worked out with the Coach, the medical staff and Sports Director.
  5. Athletes and staff will be required, at times, to participate in clinics, exhibitions or demonstrations.
  6. Athletes and Staff must follow the rules established by various venues and organizations (gyms, Olympic Training Centers, training facilities, medical, etc.) when using/dealing with their facilities.

II. Rules:

A Resident Athletes

  1. All athletes are provided room and board, transportation to approved training and competitions, approved training gear and apparel. The ATLANTA 1996 Staff treats each athlete fairly but on an individual basis. The ATLANTA 1996 will provide cleaning and security for premises but cleaning for individual rooms are the athletes responsibilities.
  2. All meals are taken in the Dining Hall. Please do not remove any dishes, cups, glasses or silverware of any kind. Dining Hours are posted, the ATLANTA 1996 staff will only provide hot meals at posted times unless an athlete misses entire meal hours. Accommodations for missed meals will be given on a case by case basis.
  3. Quiet Hours are at 10:00 pm to 8:00 am.
  4. Visitors are allowed at the ATLANTA 1996 but must check in with Resident Director or Sports Director. All visitors must leave the ATLANTA 1996 Property by 10:00 pm.
  5. Sports Medicine needs must be reported to Coach and or Sports Director for treatment with Emory Sport Medicine Center.
  6. Computers are available for individuals for internet, word processing etc. Please be courteous to other athletes waiting to utilize computers.
  7. Security in the building is paramount. Please keep doors locked. Do not give any non-resident the Security code for the building. Security Gates are locked at dark every night. If there is an emergency please contact the Resident Director. Any passports, legal documents and money may be stored in the ATLANTA 1996 safe.
  8. The ATLANTA 1996 Campus is a drug free zone and athletes will not use banned or illegal drugs or be a party to their use by another individual. Each resident athlete agrees to random testing and will abide by the rules/guidelines of the World Anti Doping Agency.

B. Conditioning, Training and Competition

  1. All conditioning, training and competition shall be directly or indirectly under the supervision of the Coach, who may delegate supervision authority to another member of the ATLANTA 1996 Staff .
  2. Every athlete must be ready to train according to the planned schedule. In the case of being late, it is up to the Coach to determine if the athlete should be allowed to train or not.
  3. Every effort must be made to complete any taping or therapy prior to the beginning of training.
  4. Every athlete must be mentally prepared for each training.
  5. Any overt displays of displeasure or frustration will not be tolerated. If an outbreak occurs, the athlete will be asked to sit down or be dismissed from training.
  6. An athlete must obtain permission from the Coach prior to the start of training, if they wish to leave prior to the end of training for personal matters (medical/dental or other urgent personal appointments).
  7. Athletes must report injuries or sickness to the Coach immediately after they occur, and under all circumstances, not later than the end of training.
  8. Athletes are responsible for maintaining the training uniforms and equipment in good order. Notify the Coach, Resident Director, Sports Director if a problem arises.

C. Competition Rules

  1. Standing at attention for all participating countries National Anthems is a must. Be respectful.
  2. You are personally responsible for bringing the correct uniform or apparel.
  3. During competition everyone must follow the rules of the game and any misconduct or misbehavior deviated from those rules will not be tolerated.
  4. At competitions only words of encouragement are allowed. Any disagreement or criticism among athletes or between athletes and the Coach or staff must be worked out away from competitors and the public at an appropriate time.
  5. Respect for the spectators attending events, opponents, and other athletes is required.

D. Competition Travel

  1. During trips, athletes must bring appropriate clothing for receptions, dinners and other similar occasions.
  2. Punctuality is a must. Being late can have very serious consequences.
  3. No one may depart a designated meeting place before the coaching staff or ATLANTA 1996 Staff (boarding trains, planes, buses, etc).
  4. Whenever you wish to temporarily separate from the group, in an airport, motel, bus terminal, gym etc., you must let a staff member know where and how long you will be, and you must obtain permission to leave.
  5. Every athlete is responsible for loading gear at airports, train stations, buses, hotels, etc.
  6. Athletes are responsible for maintaining possession of their uniforms and travel clothing, and for keeping them in good condition.
  7. Athletes will not use banned or illegal drugs or be a party to their use by another individual and they will abide by the rule/guidelines of the World Anti Doping Agency.
  8. Athletes must attend all meals and activities unless excused by the coaching or ATLANTA 1996 staff.
  9. Every ATLANTA 1996 athlete is expected to be well groomed and neat at all times.



  1. Any athlete who violates the Code of Conduct or these team rules is subject to disciplinary action which may range from a reprimand, or dismissal from the current activity, to suspension from ATLANTA 1996 activities, and in serious cases, removal from the ATLANTA 1996 program. (In general, violations of the Code of Conduct which result in a reprimand to the athlete will be handled in written form through the Sports Director in consultation with the individual athletes coach, and or Sports Coordinator, CEO Dr. Marc Daniel Gutekunst. The Sports Director will maintain a file of written reprimands to the athletes. On the occasion of an athlete's third written reprimand the matter should be viewed as grounds for an automatic suspension (length to be determined on a case by case basis).
  2. The Coach will evaluate each violation and determine if and when the athlete(s) will be permitted to return to the ATLANTA 1996 activity. The Officials (s) who decide that there was a violation must notify the athlete in writing and send a written report to the Sports Director, which may decide if further action is necessary.
  3. Serious or repeated violation of the Code of Conduct or Rules can subject an athlete to removal from the ATLANTA 1996 Program. In such a case the Coach, ATLANTA 1996 Staff will meet with the athlete involved to gather and review all the pertinent information. The Coach, ATLANTA 1996 Staff will evaluate the situation and determine if the athlete should be suspended for a period of time or be removed from the ATLANTA 1996 all together. The disciplinary action of removal from the ATLANTA 1996 for cause is subject to review and approval by Coach and ATLANTA 1996 Staff (The athlete will be notified in writing if any disciplinary action results from the meeting. A copy of this written notification will be maintained in the ATLANTA 1996 office of the Sports Director.) The athlete may be asked to return to the country of origin. The official (s) that made the decision to suspend or remove must notify the athlete in writing and send a written report to the athlete's Olympic Committee, and or governing body which may decide on further action.
  4. An athlete who has been given a serious disciplinary sanction has the right to request, in writing a review of his or her punishment.

IV. Acknowledgment:

I have carefully read and understand The Atlanta 1996 International Training Center (ATLANTA 1996) Code of Conduct for athletes/residents, the Specific Principles of Conduct and Rules concerning training, competition, travel and general conduct. I agree to abide by these principles and the rules and any other requirements conveyed to me by authorized ATLANTA 1996 Officials and Coaching Staff. I understand that violations of the principle and rules could jeopardize my eligibility as a participating athlete at the ATLANTA 1996. I will at all times attempt to adhere to the spirit of this Letter of Agreement. I will always be courteous to members of the press and try to create positive publicity for the ATLANTA 1996 and ATLANTA 1996 programs.

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